A Day in Rec

W.D. Cuts (7-9)

All students at Cuts take their core courses in the morning, freeing up their afternoons for options or Rec Courses.

This will enable Rec Students to rarely miss their academic classes of math, science, social studies, language arts and physical education.

Rec Academy will occur three afternoons a week.

Students may leave the school at the start of the lunch hour to maximize the time spent at the various venues.

Example of an “away” day:
12:30 dismissal for lunch
12:40 buses depart for venue, e.g. wall climbing
1:00 arrive at venue
2:30 load for return to school
3:00 arrival at school for buses or extra curricular events


Ronald Harvey (4-6)

Students in the REC ACADEMY at Ronald Harvey will have Academy one afternoon a week.  They will miss no core subjects.  The will miss a total of three periods — Art (two periods) and Phys. Ed (one period).  There are three typical departure times depending on the activity each week.
A.  1:35 departure – Students each lunch at their regular time and have a regular lunch recess.  We depart immediately at the start of afternoon classes.
B.  12:55 departure – Students each lunch at their regular time and depart immediately after they have eaten.
C.  12:30 departure – We depart immediately at the conclusion of morning classes.  Students eat their lunch on the bus.
Departure times, clothing needed, and activities are communicated to parents far through a variety of ways — weekly emails, hard copy calendar, and online calendar (found here)