Welcome to the St. Albert Public Schools Rec Academy

Bussing available from all over St. Albert

Ronald Harvey (Grades 4 to 6) and W.D. Cuts (Grades 7 to 9) are the only schools in St. Albert to offer this unique program! Our school schedule allows us to offer diverse programming without affecting the academic demands on the student. At Ronald Harvey (4-6), we are devoting one afternoon a week to our recreational academy activities.  Students will miss two art periods and one physical education period — no other classes (no core subjects are missed).  At WD Cuts (7-9), we are devoting three afternoons a week to active living opportunities while still offering our strong advisory program and other option choices within the scheduled day. Students will seldom miss their academic classes of math, science, social studies, language arts or physical education if they choose our Rec Academy.

The Rec Academy will allow students to be exposed to a wide range of activities that go way beyond the regular school experience. As opposed to other academies whose focus is on a single sport, this program will provide quality experiences for all students; exposing them to a rich and dynamic scope of indoor and outdoor experiences. This is not simply geared towards elite athletes but rather to individuals who want to be active and experience new and unique sports and challenges. Rec is for everyone.

Many days, students will leave the building at the start of the lunch hour to maximize the time spent at various offsite locations. Students will usually return to the school to catch busing home or to be involved in our many school based extracurricular activities.

A monthly fee will be assessed to cover only the costs of busing and entrance fees.
Some examples of possible activities will be:

Scuba Diving Snorkeling Wall and Ice Climbing Biking
Canoeing/Kayaking Wilderness Training Health & Nutrition Sledge Hockey
Active Lifestyle Training Racquet Sports Ice Sports